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Transform your party into a unique, interactive experience and provide your guests with insight into their pressing life questions or some fun memories of a one-of-a-kind tarot reading.  Tarot Readings from Live.Love.Tarot add fun & excitement with little gifts of insight & wisdom for each guest. Lines to get readings at parties tend to wrap around the room as word of mouth grows. Don’t be surprised if your guests try to extend their allotted time for a reading – it’s been known to be addicting.



You don't need to wait for a holiday to get a group of your friends together

for a VIP Tarot Party. These events not only feel special and glamorous,

they'll keep your guests talking about your party for weeks!


VIP Tarot Parties begin with clarity on attendees' intentions for the day and an

explanation on how to get the best readings.  I offer a Mini Manifesting Session prior to the readings to help each person get clear on what they want to attract and the best way to manifest it.

Host and confirm 8-10 friends for a party at your place and you the HOST will get to book a free 30 minute session 


The VIP Tarot Party Package includes:

15 Minute per person reading,  Mini Manifesting Session and bottles of Bubbly for Cleansing Ritual (and drinking of course!).   There is an option for the event to be held at a luxury hotel for an  extra cost.  

Please call or email for rate


Contact us now to book a VIP Tarot Party Package  (310) 916-9576 or

How It Works

Your guests can have their readings done in private, in couples or in small groups. 5 to 6 people can have a reading per hour with Private Party readings, (about 10-12 minutes each session) or we can modify depending on the size of the group. For larger events, readings can be done in 5 minutes per person sessions to accommodate more people.


Take home “Tarot Fortune Cards” can be customized as party favors for your guests are also available at a small additional fee.

$150- per hour (2 hour minimum)
2 - Hours   - $300  

3 -  Hours  - $450

4 -  Hours  - $600

Group Reading

For Group Readings, parties are set up in a living room or large dining table.  A  Mini Manifesting session kicks off the event.  When the readings begin everyone is present as each person gets their reading.  In this way, friends get an opportunity to chime in about each person's reading, sometimes providing further insight to what they believe the card means to the situation.  Usually more intense, this format can create deeper bonding among friends. Expect a little crying and lots of love and support

Mini Private Readings 
Similar to a tradtional party set up, this options works best for people who prefer privacy with their readings.  Prior to the readings a Mini Manifesting session kicks off the event.   A private or semi private area is required for the readings.  Each person rotates after each 15 minute reading while the rest of the group eats, drinks and mingles.
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