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"My intention is to help clients find the answers they're looking for, get clarity around what they really want and then take the actions necessary to achieve it.  I'm so honored when people choose me to be part of their process, guiding them to design the lives that they are truly meant to experience."  ~ Julie Rose



Are you determined and ambitious but unable to get past a certain level of success?  

Kicking ass in your career, but clueless about love?  

Maybe you’re a superstar executive gearing up to explore your artistic side?   

Get ready lovelies, you’re in the right place.


I’ve always found it fascinating to study people – what makes one person successful over another?

What do they need to see, hear and feel to shift their mindset and start manifesting a glowing, exciting life?

By manifesting I mean maintaining a clear picture of your ideal situation while moving through a personalized goal setting process to create it.


In 7th grade, I must have been radiating some kind of peer counselor vibe. After school I’d sit in the library reading and there would always be some other junior high schoolers who’d ask to sit next to me for advice about their problems.   I’d write a supportive note, fold the paper into a neat little package and deliver the goods.  By 9th grade, I was offering friends my debut tarot readings and loving it.  


After a friend who was a professional Tarot and Palm reader gave me a deck of cards nearly 20 years ago, I developed a deeper passion for it and honed my skills. Connecting people’s experiences to the symbolism in the cards led me to read at parties and restaurants for friends’ special events.


I’ve immersed myself in Tarot readings now for more than half of my life. My powerful intuition, background and degree in psychology and business coaching career prompted me to make Tarot a full-on commitment.  


At the urging of my friends and clients, Live.Love.Tarot was officially born five years ago.
















My Background

Earlier in my professional life I was a Director at a 24-hour rape crisis center.  Counseling in that space taught me to identify issues fast, jump in and provide reassurance and guidance.

That goal is different than therapy; I learned how to create trust and safety quickly and work with clients to identify their core issues and send them in a healthy direction through action.

Then in 2004, Tyra Banks hand-picked me to help develop and run The Tyra Banks Foundation TZONE, her teen self-esteem and empowerment organization. Tyra is amazing. She’s fierce, business-savvy, independent and loves empowering other women. Watching her achieve incredible success with TopModel inspired me to delve deeper into the art of manifesting, which is now a major part of my coaching business.  


Currently, I co-host a weekly podcast show called Lifestyle Luminaries where we have a blast and get very practical discussing Manifesting, Love, Career and Abundance.  Aside from private coaching, I also lead Manifesting Workshops and VIP Events through Live.Love.Tarot  to teach people rituals and affirmations to actualize their ideal lives.


There’s a surprising synergy that comes from being able to combine the corporate work experience I’ve had with my intuitive abilities to manifest results. Although it’s a process that might seem illogical to the purely business-minded, as a Coach for the business management firm Run Success, I do shift clients into the right mindset to take dynamic action towards business success.


On another end of the spectrum here in Los Angeles, celebrity and studio execs have built an entire community on dreams.  Striving for success and harmony with a Spiritual Counselor/Life Coach can be just as important as consulting your lawyer or doctor.


From Hong Kong to Paris, I attract an elite client list and I’m also a go-to Tarot reader for entertainment executives and production company events in L.A., where I’m based.


You’ve got something spectacular inside and you’re just on the verge of making it a reality – you want to grab hold of it. Let’s get to it!



Julie Rose

It’s spectacular to guide 

clients through huge transitions then witness and share their 

exciting news.

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