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You are meant to live a life of

    Manifesting Coach

Julie Rose

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Most people find it challenging to talk openly about their issues. The beauty of Tarot is that the cards allow clients to bring up subjects they might otherwise be in denial of or completely unaware. Together we work to help you pinpoint and clarify your issues. To discover the things that have been blocking your success and in the way of living the life you want and deserve.  ​

I use Coaching as a powerful process to assist my clients in releasing their true potential and in making changes in their lives. Through effective questioning techniques you will be able to identify and achieve your personal and professional goals.  As your Manifesting Coach I will direct you in the most empowering way to help you live with passion and create the life you want.



As your Tarot Reader I am not here to “predict your future”.  Instead, I use the Tarot and my intuitive guidance to help you understand the energy and direction in which you are going at the time of the reading.  As The Star and author of your own story, you are in control of what you decide to do with that information. You are The Magician who is given the tools to discover your greatest self and manifest your ideal life.​

My clients are making

big changes

​So what stops you? Where do these  possible “blocks” come from? How can you move forward? ​

Maybe  your current life course just needs a shift in direction.  In a Tarot reading, The Chariot card may show up to tell you its time to choose a path and take the reigns.  Or perhaps it’s about making a new start.  Let The Fool take you on a new journey before The Tower comes to tear things down. 


Carmen Thomas, Musician www.carmenandcamille.com

She brings out the best in you and helps you see what you can achieve and also helps you work through what might be holding you back. All in a very understanding, gentle and humorous way.



Julie is spot-on in her readings and will coach you through whatever it is you are going through. She has changed my outlook on life through her coaching and today, I can honestly say that I am happy with my life.


Kelly Noonan, Actress/Producer



The Bottom line ~Julie helps you get out of your own way and as a result you become OPEN to a FLOOD of opportunity for change, growth, joy and abundance…


Chris Arboleda

PR & Marketing Executive 


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My clients have gone from unemployed to having awesome careers in the fields that they love.
They’ve gone from being bored to being excited every day.
My clients have created more passion in their relationships while building their businesses.
Some have started out in broken and abusive relationships that they chose to leave during the coaching process, finding that what they needed most was to love themselves.
And then, not surprisingly, many have found new love.

Whatever the path they choose, they are excited about their new, up-leveled existence  


STRONGLY intuitive and full of wisdom...She helped me see that success starts from the inside out.

Catherine Wentworth, KATXX​



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